Talk and discussion: What is Nationalism?

Politicians, ordinary citizens and some activists like to talk about “us” and “our nation”. They talk about the unquestionable benefit of community and the necessity to make sacrifices for it. Using the nation as justification seems to be so self-evident that almost every political tendency does it: bankers are critiqued for putting themselves before the community, students remind the government how useful they are for the nation and rightwingers have a very principal suspicion that everybody else aims to undermine the nation.
We want to discuss how, in a society where the pursuit of one’s own
self-interest is a necessity and encouraged, people galore arrive at the
conclusion that their nation deserves appreciation and sacrifice. We also want to discuss why this nationalistic conclusion is a bad one.

Wednesday, February 16, 7-10 pm
at Solidaritetsbutikken, Griffenfeldsgade 41, Copenhagen.

The talk will be held by a representative of the
Young Left against Capital and Nation, London
Free admission. The talk and discussion will be held in English.

See also following article: (s. 1-7)


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